For this grateful month, I'd like to share some makeup tutorial as I said here
And this is the Natural look as I promise, you can try this look for daily activity or maybe for churching to celebrate Christmas :)

Ok! let's get start!

Always apply face primer first before the foundation to conceal your skin, so any skincare products that you already used won't get mix up with your makeup. It also make your foundation easy to blend and last longer.
Wait around 1 minute, and then apply your foundation. In this tutorial, I used Duo Fibre brush from MAC to create a thin layer.

** choose the right product for your skin type :) for my oily combination skin, I prefer more watery face primer and liquid matte foundation.

Time to highlighting! as you can see these are the area where you suppose to put the highlight :)
( upper cheekbone, temple, browbone, and centre nose ) it gives you a fresh glowing effect. I used powder highlighter before powder and after foundation to make it last longer, so I won't need a lot of touch up even after a long hour.

And to make it last longer too, I apply the powder peach blush after the foundation, right on my cheekbone.

Now eyes makeup, put some eye base first to create intense colour and make it last longer for oily eyelid like mine :)

Apply Chopper colour in the eyelid, for this tutorial I used NAKED 2 palette or you can use any light brown colour that suits your skintone.

To define the eyes shape, apply one darker shade eyeshadow on the outer V, blend it well with the eyelid colour, make sure you didn't loose it :) if it faded away, dap it carefully with the same colour.

Last step for the eyeshadow is highlight! In the picture I used Verve, champagne colour to give warm effect :) you can use white or silver too, depends on skintone.

Next is eyeliner! apply a black pencil liner instead liquid liner to achieved more natural look, and make sure you put it close to your waterline.

If you still need to define your eyes, try to put dark brown eyeshadow on the half outer lower eyes. It gives you natural touch and younger look instead of a full line of pencil liner.

Prepare to apply falsies :)
remember to curl the eye lashes precisely, so you don't need to put a lot mascara during the falsies steps. ( For me it's an option for those who not a fan of mascara, after so much eye lash fall you have found when you tried to clean it )

In this look I tried not too thick and long falsies to keep the natural feel.
*Quick Tips : If you a newbie in falsies, try to cut the falsies half, use the outer part and put it on top your outer eye lash and make sure it stick closely to the lash line :D
 After that apply a thin layer mascara just to stick your lashes with the falsies.

Now the eyebrow, apply the brow pencil on the outer line of your eyebrow and apply the brown eyeshadow or eyebrow kit on the inside to fill in and make it not too fake.

And now apply some loose powder to seal the foundation, highlight, and blush on! if you feel the blush faded away, apply another layer after the powder.

Last step! for lipstick choose the nude colour, it could be pink or peach shade depends on your skintone :D

So, this is My Natural Look for Christmas, how about you? :)

Products that I have used :

Shu Uemura Poreraser Pink Shade
Shu Uemura Light bulb Foundation
Etude Face Designing Brightener
MAC Blush on Melba
Bobbi Brown Loose Powder
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked 2 ( Chopper, Pistol, Verve )
Bourjois Black Auto pencil liner
Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara
Revlon Brown Brow Pencil
MAC lisptick Angel

Still wandering what look do you want to try on Christmas? check out my Formal look Tutorial in HERE Hope you like it! :D

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