It's finally December! my most favourite month and also the time when I was born hahaa

This year had been my unforgettable moment, feels like riding a rollercoaster..many new happy experience happened but also full of sad and confusing phase of my life, go to many new places, say a hard goodbye to some people and another hello to new friends :)

Thanks to this year, I do know myself very well now and find another strength :D of course thanks to my best friends that always be there to chat with ( Ely & Lanny love you both )

So for this grateful month, I want to share some Christmas Makeup Tutorial and to say thank you, thank you, thank you! for always appreciate my works, and all these simple writing that I have been doing rarely for these 2 years...I promise you - will do more blogging on next year!! -

Basically there's two tutorial that I want to share, Natural & Formal look. You can try the Natural one for daily time maybe for churching and the Formal for christmas dinner :)

For Natural Look you can klik here

And Formal Look in here

Hope you like it :D 
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year 2014!

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