Never too early to say Merry Christmas in this joyful month! after the Natural Look Tutorial, I also share another Formal Look Tutorial for you as I've mantioned in this post.

You can try this look for christmas celebration or dinner date! ❤

Ok, Let's get started :)
first of all prepare your skin with some daily skincare and apply Face Primer before the foundation. Remember to choose products that suit with your skin type. After that here goes the foundation apply! *For my combination oily skin I prefer liquid with matte finish*

This time I choose to apply the highlight with a little brighter foundation than my skin tone, instead of using highlighter powder like I've mantioned in the Natural Look Tutorial
Apply highlight only on the area that reflect the light as I draw on picture :) it gives you more depth to your makeup.

Next is face contouring, I prefer to apply the shading powder instead of creamy or darker foundation, it gives you more 'light to skin' shading and feel more comfortable. Try to apply it after foundation and before the loose powder, it keep shading powder long last :D 

I try to play with two shade of blush to create vibrant colour on the cheek. First, apply darker shade of pink on the outer part, close to the hair line.

Second, apply lighter blush on the cheek close to nose, and blend it with the darker one. If it hard for you to find the cheekbone, try to smile while putting the blush..there you go!

Last step for face...applying the loose powder :) Use a kabuki brush for your loose powder to get a thin natural layer to absorb some oil and apply another thin layer using matte finish powder.

Now we move to eyes makeup! Don't forget to put eye base before applying any eyeshadow to get a long lasting & vibrant colour.

Apply Brown greyish on your eyelid and blend the edge to your crease. Make sure it didn't fill your browbone :)

Fill the browbone with some lighter shade like nude colour to give it a highlight. Blend the edge with the crease, try not to loose the colour...if it faded away, just put another layer :)

Apply black pencil liner close to your waterline, it will define your eyes shape. You can add some liquid or gel eyeliner to create thick eyeliner for those with wider eyelid.

Pull a tiny stroke from previous eyeliner ( if you use pencil or gel eyeliner ) or add some black eyeshadow on the outer V corner of your eyes and start to blend it. Add another layer one by one slowly until you achieve the intense black corner that you want :) and try to keep it on the eyelid and crease area.

Draw a half eyeliner on the under eye, close with waterline. To balance with the black outer V corner, try to apply the same black eye pencil liner or black eyeshadow for more natural liner.

Prepare the eyelashes for falsies apply! Now I'm gonna try upper and lower falsies, so be sure to curl the upper falsies precisely for less use mascara at the finishing.

For this look, I try more thick and long lashes to give a glamour touch :) Put the falsies close to the lashes line. To tidy up the glue on the edge eyelid, apply a thin black line eyeliner...I suggest use a liquid or gel eyeliner.

 Hold your lower falsies using tweezer, it helps a lot instead of using fingers. Try not to blink your eyes while put the falsies..and put it under your lower original lashes not the opposite.
After that apply a thin layer of mascara at the upper lashes for the finishing :)

Now move to the eyebrow :) draw your eyebrow using a pencil for intense finish or you can use a brown eyeshadow for more natural touch.

Another finishing! put a tiny bit of silver shimmer eyeshadow at the inner corner eyes. It gives you a fresh and brighter effect :D

Next and the last step is lipstick! I try a pink shade with a darker tone to balance my eyes makeup. In this tutorial I used MAC Syrup lipstick.

So this is my Formal look for my Chistmas, what do you think? wanna give it a try? :)
Hope you like it and Merry Christmas!!

These are some products that I used for this tutorial :

Clockwise : Make Up For Ever HD Primer, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation, Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, Make Up For Ever Shading Kit, MAC Studio Fix, Bobbi Brown Loose Powder, Bourjois Auto Pencil Black eyelienr, Revlon Brown Brow Pencil, Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Syrup Lipstick, Upper thick falsies, Lower falsies, PAC Blush on Palette, NAKED 2

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  1. Great review! I was patiently waiting for someone to do a review on this.Nice tips and ideas, the purple smoky makeup looks amazing .Foundation Suits Your Skin Type

    This probably wouldn't work for me. I have oily skin, so knowing that you had to blot often and felt like you looked shiny is enough for me to just continue using what I already use.