This one has already been my top list foundations since 2 years ago and guess what? a couple weeks ago I've been invited to their event "Estée Lauder Double Wear Reshade Event". They share a technique how to apply the foundation and powder, also how to decide what colour that suit your undertone. At the end of it, they gave me one full size Double Wear Foundation in sand shade and powder in refil size..thank you Estée Lauder Indonesia!

As I mantion before this one are my favourite and apparently I have 2 shades in my beauty case, Sand and Wheat. So, its easier for me to mix up and get the colour that I want the most :)

These are the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in close up

The packaging looks elegant, with a touch of gold made from thick doff glass. love it :)
It's 30ml liquid with SPF 10 and as it said in the packaging, this is a lightweight foundation that suited to all skin type and can hold up to 15 hours :) Oil Free and Fragrance Free.

There's no applicator or stick in there...and I do much prefer if there is one :) because the texture is thick and it become harder to take out the foundation once it already half empty.. I keep shake the bottle down but the liquid that come out was too much and I need to use cotton bud to put the excess back...or maybe some of you have another trick? :)

And this is the video how I apply the foundation and let's see the result for my daily look

The texture quite thick but it didn't feel heavy on my skin instead I feel like wearing nothing, and the coverage is the reason why I love this foundation! you just need a thin layer and it already do the job :D covering my redness easily and if you have a heavy scar, you just need to layer it step by step and it will cover the scar perfectly!

I applied it on afternoon, and it still stay until evening almost 9hours..awesome! It didn't cakey, my makeup looks more and more natural every hour and then :D

It didn't remove easily with water, so you can relax if you have an outdoor activity. And because of that you need a waterproof makeup remover to clean your face at the end the day :)

These are some swatches of Sand and Wheat Shades

After the Foundation, I also apply the powder from Double Wear series..it also help setting up my face, looks natural and make it less oily through my day :)

And these are what I look when using Sand Shade :) hope you like it

Natural light (left), With Flash (right)

Products that I used beside the Double Wear :
Benetint for blush & lips
Urban Decay Primer
Everyday Mineral Eyeshadow
Heavy Rotation pen liquid eyeliner
Maybelline Mascara
Revlon Eyebrow pencil

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