REVIEW ❤ SAMPAR Glamour Shot Series

I got these tiny sample from SAMPAR and this is the first time I try their products.
They called it Glamour Shot ( one on the left ) and Glamour Shot Eyes, an COSMAKEUP hmm I wonder what is that?
It is a product which has a skincare effect but also can cover redness, fine lines & light imperfection on your skin..sounds promising isn't it?
As it is said in the products, if you used it properly, not only covering but can also reduce the imperfection. But since I only have this tiny size and had been used it just for a week, I am not quite sure these products give me a long term result or not.

So, all I can show you is how it give me an instant result for my daily appearance :)

The one with the tube is the Glamour Shot which you apply to all over your face.
And the second is the Glamour Shot Eyes which you apply under your eyes. I love this small applicator, really suit for applying the product especially for the inner corner area.

Both the products are a white cream and a little bit watery. When I apply it to my face, I smell a strong chemical which remain me of some glue, didn't like it at all..but it only last a second, once it dry you won't smell anything.
The active ingredients are MIB Complex, HQA Microlens, Oat Extract, Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid, & Urban Advance Complex

The Glamour Shot gives you a matte finishing & didn't sticky at all. It feels like wearing a thin layer face powder :) So, I try this product on my redness skin and this is the result

Before (left) & After (right)

Even thought I can't prove the long term result of this product, I do really satisfy with the instant result! all you need is just 1 minute as the product claimed! It cover my light redness and give me a brighten skin :)
I have a combination skin and after 3 hours my T area start shinny, well not bad I guess. All I have to do is a little touch up with my loose powder and that's it! never think to apply a two way cake or powder foundation, it will look cakey!
I already tried as the product said apply before a powder foundation or after a liquid foundation and it didn't work for me :( I also tried after the liquid foundation but turned out bad..instead well blending, the foundation just pile up and none of the foundation or the glamour shot stick to my skin :(.
So this one suit you if you don't want to wear any makeup but still look fresh with healthy skin :) and don't expect a high coverage because this is not a makeup product, it just give you a slightly cover up and a skincare benefit :)

Next is the Glamour Shot Eyes. The finishing is the same like the Glamour Shot, a matte light finish. And again I impress with the result!

Before (above) & After (below)

See?? My panda eyes are well covered! just 1 minute..that's all you need! use it after my eye cream, apply under my eyes and dap it gently. And again never add any concealer after/before using it if you feel the coverage isn't enough..it only ruin your appearence..all you need for touch up is a loose powder!

I think I'm gonna try this product for a long term because I still desperately searching for a right product for my under eyes and hope this one will work for me :)


  1. produk baru kah? cakep banget packingnya...^^


    1. iyah..itu sample nya mungil bgt! hahahaa