After 3 days searching around and made up my mind..finally I decided to re-layouting my blog and this is the result! have you notice? Let me show you the difference with the old one :D

This was the old header. Back then I love to draw some quirky sketch :p this girl is one of it..and I feel it look so cute..so that's why I put it as a header..and maybe as a mascot I guess? o_o ............

I've been using it around a year..but after a while I kinda feel my blog looks childish ( faktor U mungkin yah.. :D ) and beside a personal blog, this web also show my make up portfolio so..I need something more general, more mature, but still me :D

So, this is the new one!

Still clean & neat..because I loveee this style! it makes you more focus on the content and the pictures look stand out. At the top you can fine my page menu, and the picture is actually a slide show of most popular post :D so you can check out some post without need to scroll down :)

 In the old one, you can find  all the labels & widgets at the same column next to the posting column. And I've noticed while you reading a posting your eyes kinda distract to other column..hmm..so to maintain the clean feeling, I move all the widgets to the end of page..you just need to scroll down :)

 See? the posting look more neat :) and your eyes more focus to see the content :D I also change the font, it looks more casual than before :)

So..what do you think about this new look? please let me know what's your opinion, and if you find some error pleasseee inform me quickly so I can repair it as soon as possible. thank you ❤


  1. Baguss lyra hasil nyaa.... :) cantik and blog nya ga ribet
    Im follow u now :)

    1. Makasihhh darling!
      I'll visit your blog soon :)

  2. Love the new layout! And oh, i'm a new follower and gotta say, I looove your make up work on editorials! Superb!


    1. Thank youuu Vani! Glad to hear it! xoxo