Eyelid Tape Tutorial + FOTD ❤

I think it's a bit tricky for those who want to use eyelid tape for the first time. How to shape it? how big should I cut it? why its not stick right? how come my eyes look sleepy? etc...etc..
So, these are some few tips from me, and I hope you enjoy it :)

from left to right, brown eyelid tape-transparent eyelid tape-eyelid tape scissors-regular scissors

First you need to prepare these tools.
Actually there are 3 types eyelid tape, the brown, the transparent & the double eyelid tape/glue. I prefer to use the transparent because it can suite to any skintone colour, and for the double eyelid tape or glue..its much easier to use but once you close your eyes, the glue part look obvious and I don't really like it..its like you revealing your eye makeup trick :p

As you can see...I have a different eyelid, my left eye have double lid and it keeps change every morning I open my eyes ( sometimes my left or right eye ) and I need those eyelid tape to make it balance.
Not just balancing your eyelid, with this tape you can make an eyelid for those with small monolid eyes and make it bigger. But when I do a make up for others, I only use this tape to balancing left & right eye because in my opinion monolid eyes are beautiful :) if you know how to put the right eye makeup without using this tape :)

Make sure to clean your eyes before use the eyelid tape. Always keep in mind, use the eyelid tape first before putting any makeup :) If you don't clean your eyes area, the tape won't stick correctly.

It's time to measure your eye length from the inner corner to the outer, so the tape will stick precisely on your eyelid. Make sure to give some little space at the inner eyelid (around 5mm), so when you stick the tape, the pointy part won't hurt your eyelid or feel itchy.

Cut the eyelid tape using the regular scissors for both your eyes. Although you only need to camouflage one eye, I suggest to wear the tape for both your eyes..so you won't feel strange, because it feel like wearing fake lashes and I bet you won't go out only with a fake lash sticking on your one eye :D :D

Still using the regular scissors...cut the tape to a triangle shape. And you see the white line? it's to decide how wide you want to shape your tape..make sure to look again on your real eyes..how wide the natural eyelid? and what look you want to create..a natural eyelid or you want a bigger effect? you decide :D but please don't do it too much!
for example..your natural eyelid is line 1, you can only go as far as the pink line to create a bigger effect..if you push to the line 2 the only look you get is a sleepy fake eyelid :p well maybe it can be use for fashion look..but definitely not for daily look :)

After you get the triangle you like, use the eyelid tape scissors to shape the half round tape so it will fit your eyelid. And do the same to the other eyelid tape.

This is the final look for the eyelid tape before you stick it onto your eyelid :)

The white line is the edge of your eyelid. Stick your eyelid tape on the pink area..make sure to give some space at the grey area..this is where you gonna put eyeliner for your eye makeup. If you stick the tape too close to the lashes line..the tape will be push forward when you open your eyes, and it will hanging there look like a tiny roof :D :D
And never stick the tape on the white line..it obviously won't give you any effect! :D

Finally my eyelids looked balance! I prefer the natural look..and what do you think, wanna give it a try? :)

Maybe some of you aware...this is my first time doing a tutorial wearing contact lens..so I am gonna show a FOTD! :)
Recently I've been doing a lot outdoor activities under the sun light..so what I'm gonna show you is my natural makeup look, no heavy eye makeup..just glowing skin with a touch of warm colour..enjoy! :D

with natural light ❤

with flash ❤

Products that I'm using :
MUFE HD Primer
NYX Concealer for under eyes
MUFE Uplight for highlighter on cheekbone, nose, & cupid's bow
Bobbi Brown loose powder
MAC Mineralize Blush 'Warm Soul'
Heavy Rotation pen eyeliner
random eyelashes
Bodyshop eyebrow kit in dark brown
Revlon lipstick 

I have one more for you...I've been longing to make some sketches but always been busy..It always been my favourite activity and I miss it so much!
so from now on I'm gonna post my daily sketches in some posting.
and starting...with my face..tadaaaa! :D

Hmmm what do you think? I think its far from awesome but I love to do it! :D its make me happy when I completed this sketch after half years didn't touch my pencil & sketch book :') hope you like my simple sketch and gonna post other sketches soon  ❤


  1. hi lyra,, salam kenal..
    you're so gorgeous!! ^^

    itu pake fake lashes apa ya?
    natural tapi cantik banget..

    follow each other yuk.. ^^

    1. Hi kiki..thx for visiting!
      Aku pake fake lashes merk Jolly no.16..enak pakenya, ga ganjel!

  2. Wow! This post is very informative! Love it. I have monolids but I have tried using those tape and hated it. It felt weird for me and unnatural so I just decided to search and learn tricks and tips to do different looks without using those tape haha. Maybe I didnt do it right or something. Not quite sure but I truly love how you show everything step by step. AWESOME! Love your natural glowy look too. And that sketch? DAMN. I can barely outline a face let alone doing what you did. That is excellent.

    Anyway, salam kenal deh ya! Aku rosdiana.
    Visit my blog pls: www.rosdianalittleworld.blogspot.com
    Follow each other yuk? :) thanks so much!

    1. Thank you! And you have beautiful eyes! You can use smokey eyes to make it look bigger..no need those tape IMHO because you have a really same eyes shape! Not like mine lol

      Ok dear will follow you soon :)

  3. you're so cuteee with that headpiece, and love the natural look :D
    dari dulu aku coba pake eyelid tape, tapi kenapa nempelnya ga bisa bener ya
    akirnya jadi double lid tapi satunya rada miring gimana gitu :o *curcol*

    aku caroline :D followed you anyway, mind visiting my blog back and follow each other? :D
    thankyou! x

    1. Hihhi memang tricky pakenya..harus nemu bentuk yg pas baru enak nempel di matanya. Moga2 tips dariku bisa kepake di kamu yahh! :D

      Will visiting your blog soon xoxo

  4. wah bagus ^^ nice tips!
    akau kadang2 bisa berubah jg eyelidnya.. haha xD

    1. Hihi..moga2 tips ku berguna yah ^^

  5. Gw ga pernah sukses pake eyelid tape lyr... XD Nice tutorial! Cute FOTD & Sketch!!! ^^

  6. wow super banget postnya,kak...kyknya mau berguru nih buat belajar bikin eyelidnya pke tape soalnya belum pernah sukses,plus mmg mata sy benar2 asimetri n udh sering bnyk nyaranin pake scotch tape buat eyelid gtu,cm sy sndri ngerasa berat dan bikinnya ribet...after read ur post,kyknya bakal coba bljr lagi dan smoga bisa jd natural..thanks for ur informative post !! GBu

    1. Hi sheilaa! Wah seneng ternyata posting ku bisa berguna bgt buat kamu! Keep trying..practices make perfect! :D

  7. Wuii.. I love your sketch! Great info also. Cutting the tape into triangle first really make it easier to do! :D

    Please check out my blog


    have a good day! ;)