YSL Seibu Flagship Counter Event

2 weeks ago YSL invited me to their opening counter event with other IBB members. The event took place at SEIBU Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. I was kinda curious how YSL gonna display their counter..hmm
So this is what its look like when I first came in..

--> The main counter looks fabulous! It placed on the centre area at SEIBU, near the main entrance and escalator, you’ll easily spotted it when you go there. For this event, they add temporary booth around the main counter, so it really caught  people attention in that area. 

  --> What I love the most is their lipstick display. It really grab people eyes when they just walk pass by. How they arrange the colour in a row makes you whan to try them all :D

  --> After swatching some of their lipstick, I decided to try on YSL Rouge Pur Couture #8. It’s a red orange with an lipgloss applicator and the colour so intense and hardly gone! Even though you already eat and drink the colour still blend nicely on your lips..superb!

What do you think about this colour on me? Is it nice? :D
And not just me, some other bloggers also busy try and swatching their products. Here is Marsha on the make over mode :D 

--> I also try their nail polish in electric blue, it was a nice colour! Too bad I was too busy swatching their products and forgot to take the picture :(
--> After that, we all invited to have breakfasting  and wow! look this cute macaroons & cupcakes, can’t hold myself not to take a picture :D

Endi Feng in action :D

--> Not just pampering our stomach with a great food, we are really enjoying  meet each other beauty blogger, laughing & sharing our thought :) and of course take a picture together! Cheese!


  1. That's amazing! Sounds like so much fun! I love YSL. Love their line. It just too expensive now for me with having 2 kids :(

    1. aww..too bad..
      you must be a great mom with a lovely kids! :D

  2. Why am I keep staring on those cupcakes and macaroons? lol. i like the one you tried on your lips. always love YSL and it classiness


    1. thank you! yes it makes my face look brighter and has a lovely smell..you should try sometimes!