REVIEW ❤ MUFE Aqua Shadow

hey everyone! it's been a while..and I bet all of you still in a holiday mood, same as mine :D having fun to the max? Oh by the way Happy Eid Mubarak 1433H for those who celebrated!

And for this post, I'm gonna review about MUFE Aqua Shadow. If you notice, I've been invited to MUFE beauty blogger event couples months ago..at that event, they gave me this new launched product Aqua Shadow, and I got 8E, Matte Green yeay! I rarely have green shade in my cosmatics bag, it's not I hate green or something..but most of the colour I have either blue, brown or orange shade..so this is my first time trying green..oh can't wait!

But before I do a FOTD, I'm gonna do some test to prove if this product really waterproof as it said or not. So..are you ready to see the result?

First, I spray some water to see how the product react..see? it didn't melt quickly, hmm not bad for a first try.. *still not impress* ok..let's give it a try with another method..

I dab so many times using a cotton pad until the water dry..and again, the product didn't fade away a single inch..hmmm it started getting more interesting..ok *still curious* next tempt.. :D

This time, instead of dab it, I rub it hardly many times  using wet cotton pad..and you see???? it's only 'move' a little bit..just a thin layer on it..Amazing! I'm really satified with the waterproof statement! awasome! :D
So..how about the cleaning part? you probably will think twice to use this product if its so hard to be cleaned right?

Well you know..I can still remove it easily using of course a waterproof eye makeup remover :D just a single swipe and all the product gone! isn't it amazing??

You should try this product, especially if you loved outdoor activity or maybe water sport :D
I think I'm gone buy another colour..a natural colour so I can wear it during my next holiday to the beach! :)

OK now its time for tutorial! this is a quick video how you can use MUFE Aqua Shadow for smokey eyes makeup, hope you like it :)

Products that I used :

Coverderm Classic
Ettusais BB Loose powder
MAC peach bake blush on
Etude eye primer
MUFE star powder yellow gold
MUFE Aqua Shadow 8E
Body shop eyebrow kit
Revlon lisptick, Tutti Frutti

After trying this product with other makeup, I feel creating a smokey eyes look become easier :) why? because this aqua shadow have an intense colour..just a single stroke and the colour pop out..and it also can be use as a base eyeshadow, so..you dont need a primer & eyeshadow to create this look..just one product is enough :)
And more over..when we apply dark colour to create smokey look using powder eyeshadow, we used to have some eyeshadow falling down our eyes or cheek and ruin all the makeup..
with this product I found out, I wont have the same problem even when I'm in hurry :D
More over, even this product is a crayon, its easy to blend..this is what I love the most! you still can use this product with other powder product.nice!

Even though it is a great quality product, I still don't like the shape..the chubby stick..I have a hard using it as an eyeliner, and maybe other girl with small eyes?
I need to use eyeliner brush to take the product 2-3 times.
And before I do this tutorial..I accidently drop it from my desk..clumsy me, and the top of the pencil broken..as you can see at my video, when I do the eyeliner, a little crayon fall down :p so I kinda feel this product a little bit fragile.

 Over all I still think this is a must have item. With the multi function you can experiment a lot of look with just a single product, so wanna give it a try? :)

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