Around last month I've been invited by MUFE, my favourite makeup brand with other beauty bloggers..so excited!
The event took place at MUFE Academy in Plaza Indonesia.

In this event, we allowed to try all the lipstick! and guess what I'm doing?

I try almost all the colour! nude, light, bold, mate, glossy, shimmer..you name it!
I'm so amazed just looking at the colour :D they have 100 shades from sheer to more intense colour :D awesome!

And just with a lipstick you can change your makeup mood from natural look to sexy glamour, isn't it excited? and we can also combine two colour on one lips to create a dimension on your lips shape..nice!

And this is what we're doing..we do some experiment, where two bloggers do a makeup to each other..it can be a total make over or just the lips..and I do it with Putri Kansil. Since we already on the full makeup before, we decide only do the lips..and this is the result... :D

*sorry for the blurry picture* this is my lips make over for Putri. First I apply Rouge Artist Intense #36, its a Fuschia. After that I apply MUFE Star Powder in Purple on the outer part :D

And this is my look, done by Putri :D what do you think, do I look different??
its an orange lipstick on the base, purple star powder on the centre, and gold liquid liner as lips liner :)

At the end of event, I got this yeayyy! two Lab Shine Star Collection, Eye remover and Rouge Artist Intense #40, my favourite colour!

And here is the swatch :)

Over all, I love this lipstick..the wide range colour, and the intensity wow!
I try to use it all day and it didn't dry my lips..but still you need to touch up once in a while after eat or drink :)
The staying power is superb, I need to wipe it 5 times until my lips become clean :p
and oh you can check my other colour Rouge Artist review in here :)

Have you ever try other colour with experiment look? please do share it with me! :)


  1. Halo lyra.. kita ketemu d event MUFE kmrn.. salam kenal ya.. aku ud follow blog km ^^

    1. aloww Rini :D wah kemarin blum sempet ngobrol2 banyak..hope to see you again! :D