--> A couple months ago I’ve been invited to COVERDERM event with Indonesian Beauty Blogger. They introduced their range of products and especially  their Classic Waterproof Foundation. 

too bad I can give you the pictures detail :( my memory card got error and all the pictures in my camera just gone :(( *super sad* 
They even do an amazing demo, how this foundation could cover a heavy scar like birth mark, surgery scar, acne, etc…and didn’t easily gone after we pour it with water and try to wipe it..awesome!
This product claim as a safety one and hypoallergenic if you in the middle of skin treatment. You know how dilemma it is when you want to ‘repair’ your skin and the doctor said you musn’t wear any makeup? well…this product is the answer :D  even the dermatologist, who they invited to this event said so :)
By the end of the event, we have a door price and I won! Yeayy! I got COVERDERM Perfect Legs in mini size..so excited! And not just that, all the beauty blogger got CLASSIC Waterproof foundation full size and many samples of their products..wow can’t wait to try this on..Thank you COVERDERM!

Still..this product makes you curious right?  Even thought I can’t share you the event detail, now I’m gonna review the Classic Waterproof Foundation on my bare skin :D

--> The packaging made from nude glass jar with a spatula and sponge inside the box.

--> It consist 15ml, creamy texture..which you can pick using the spatula or sponge or with your finger. I prefer to get it with finger, so my body temperature could warm up the foundie and make it easy to apply on my skin.


--> Before use Classic, you could apply moisturizer and your sun screen first, and then apply Coverderm Makeup Base. The texture so light, no fragrance, and didn’t sticky.

For the Classic, I got shade #4 with pale yellow under tone, as you can see it still a little light for me. But after I blend it, it goes well..so I guess this shade still ok. Althought its creamy, it so easy to blend..I just need a little swipe and it already cover my half face..nice!

--> After apply Classic, use the finishing powder to complete the look. It helps to absorb oily on your skin and seal the foundation.

--> --> I only need one thin layer to cover my eye bag, a little redness around my nose, & acne scar, amazing! And it feel so comfortable, as if I didn’t wear any foundie :D 
If you have a heavy scar, you could build the classic layer one after another..
even after using the finishing powder, you still could layer it with classic to achieve more intense coverage and cover it again with the finishing powder.
For the staying power it stay all day almost 10 hours and it can control my oily T zone around 5 hours and 3 hours if I’m not using primer/makeup base, and I’ve been using it almost a whole week and it didn’t give me any breakout..love it!
Overall this is a must try product, especially for you who need to wear a full coverage makeup everyday but didn’t want to feel like wearing makeup :)


  1. nice review :D


  2. wow... semakin keracunan,
    coveragenya covederm bagusss sekali ya....
    kalau online shop
    covederm beli dimana ya lyra?...


    1. Iyahhh bagussss dan nyaman dikulit hihihii ayo dicoba :D
      Tapi setauku blum ada PO di ol shop...langsung mampir aja dicounternya :) mereka ada di Seibu Grand Indonesia klo lokasimu di Jakarta :)

  3. wah ada kemasan sachetanx yaaa.. koq ga ada ya di olshop? dsni ga ada counterx :'(