REVIEW ❤ Ettusais BB Mineral Powder & Cleanser Products

Have you ever heard about this brand?
For me, it was two months ago when I travel to Singapore..my sister asked me to buy Ettusais BB Mineral Powder..she heard from her friend, it was a great product, so yes I'm a little curious and ended up googling about this brand :p

And finally I found they website..and this is a little information about the brand name :
Et tu sais is a phrase you’ll often hear French girls using when they gather to share news and gossip with their friends. It means “You know what?”.

Inspired by the modern, trendy and individualistic Parisian girl, Ettusais believes in giving women fun, tools to their individualism, and freedom from adult acne!

Even thought Ettusais is a french name, it is a japanese product. I even more curious after visiting their website, because all the products from skin care to makeup, look so cute and they have a lot of skin care product range which mostly for blemishes, adult oiliness, clogged & enlarge pore. As you know, thats the problems many indonesian have struggle long enough..so are you curious enough to know about this brand? :)

I found Ettusais counter at Bugis Junction, and bought 3 BB Mineral Powder & Quick Fix Powder. Why do I need a lot of powder? nope..mine just only one..the others are for my sister and her friend :p

The BB Mineral Powder cost SGD 38 and I got a FREE cute orange pouch for spending SGD 60..yeaayy!

Inside the cute pouch also included Speedy Eye Make Off and Acne Gentle Make Off in travel size..super cuteee!

I'm gonna review these products one by one..so here we go!

Ettusais BB Mineral Powder
Hide pores, conceal uneven skin tone easily with this ultra-fine loose powder. Made of 100% mineral powder! Soft Powder, Baby Mineral Powder and Pore Gradating Mineral Powder enables coverage without thick application while creating a soft focus effect. This powder also absorbs and removes excess sebum with a treatment effect for comedones, the cause of acne blemishes.
This loose powder comes with Skin Roughness Preventing Powder (award-winning* ingredient) that prevents skin roughness from occurring.
Contains SPF 16 PA ++. Comes with a puff that is extra gentle (56mm X 15mm thick, 3mm hair length, mixed spinning of 50% nylon and 50% polyester).

It come with soft pink packaging with 10g net and the size as big as my palm, you can carry it easily in your cosmetic pouch. And this powder only available in two colours, Light Beige & Natural Beige.

Too bad they only have two colours..cause I feel light beige is too light for me..and the other are too dark :( but the shop assistant suggested me to choose the light one..and I thought, well better look lighter than darker :p

My skin type is combination normal and oily in T zone, also easily having break out if I'm not careful enough to choose skin care & make up products.
I've been trying many loose powder ( yes I prefer using loose powder for my daily makeup instead of two way cake ) and so far that suit me is Bobbi Brown loose powder..
And after using this powder a month, I'm so glad! I didn't have any break out! :D it makes my skin appear softer, although the coverage is sheer, it hide my pores around nose nicely and the oil control is not so bad :D it hold my T zone area around 2 hours.
For the colour, even its looked lighter than my skin tone, it still blend well. Instead of looking fake whitish, it looks more brightening..love it!

Using : NYX Concealer, Ettusais BB Mineral Powder, Heavy Rotation pen eyeliner, Random Fake lashes, Revlon lipstick

Ettusais Speedy Eye Make Off
quickly removes waterproof eye make-up and doesn’t leave any sticky after feel. Fragrance-free and colorant-free. Removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara in no time!

The plastic transparent packaging make it look clean and safety. Since it travel size, it only contain 20ml, for the real size its a 100ml with a same look packaging.

To see how it's work, I tried to remove a black MUFE Aqua Eyeliner  from my hand and let's see what happened.

See?!?? it "make off" the black liner! as if the black liner moved itself to the cotton pad!
The texture is a little bit oily, it so gentle on my skin especially when I tried it on my eyes..no sticky ( like the other that I've previewed ), no fragrance, no itchy or redness and even a waterproof eye makeup can be removed easily..amazing!

Acne Gentle Make Off
This deep cleansing oil glides on your skin quickly, forming a frictionless cushion. It dissolves and melts away make-up on your face instantly and washes away easily with water, leaving no oily after feel. It also protects skin from bacteria while hydrating with AC-Control Oil.


This travel size contained 30ml and for the real size its a 130ml with a pump packaging. The packaging colour make it looks so medicated.

The texture is a transparent watery liquid..not sticky at all. It used as an makeup remover, before you use a facial wash. For those who have oily skin type, I bet this cleanser suits you..it didn't give any oily finishing after cleaning.
I try this remover after wearing a heavy make up..yes my make up was cleaned easily, but since I'm wearing a base + foundation + two way cake..I'm not quite sure..my feeling said I should clean it again with a milk cleaser..so I did it...lol
It's just my habit..always done 3 steps for cleaning my makeup, twice milk cleanser and once facial wash. And I do prefer milk cleanser, because I feel it more capable in removing heavy makeup..its just my feeling I guess..such a cleanser freak, am I? :p

Anyway..this remover suits for cleaning a light everyday makeup. Once, I only used concealer under my eyes + loose powder..and after that I remove it with Acne Gentle Make Off..it removed easily! and even after that I didn't have any break out, so I guess this remover is as good as it claimed :)

Over all conclusion :
I love these 3 products! it didn't give any break out, feel comfortable in my skin and cute packagings!
I reaaallllyy want to repurchased if they plan to open it in Indonesia :p, cause too risky having a product that suit your skin so well, but you cannot purchased it in your own country.. :(
So..until then I will stick to my old products :) 

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