It's been a looongggg time since my last post..forgive me! I have a tigh working schedule this past whole month. And after the non-stop working hours, my body getting worse.. I got the unstoppable cough! yes..I called it that way, because after two weeks drinking a lot of medicine my cough didn't getting better *sigh* it disturb my work.. and my other daily activity..so I have to take a long rest at home..and thats when I have a chance to make this tutorial :)
after trying to pass by day by day...finally! at the end of month my health get better and I'm back in the game! yeayy!

As you can see in magazines recently, a lot of beauty spread use the double liner, wink liner or dolly look from the 60s..and why I choose to do Twiggy makeup? because she's my favourite 60s Fashion & make up icon hahaha and the most suitable figure if you want to talk about double liner make up :) so check this out my simply makeup tutorial :)

Products that I used for this look :
MUFE HD Primer
MUFE foundation #3
PAC creamy foundation ( dark brown for freckle )
MUFE Duo Matt #3
Etude eye base
Heavy Rotation Black pen liner
Viva brown brow pencil
Body Shop Eyebrow Kit

PAC orange blush on

Revlon lipstick
PAC clear lipgloss

Hints :
To create freckle use a small pointy brush, so you can shape it easily. Combine the shapes from small to big freckles so they didn't look fake.

If your freckle look fade away after you put some powder, you could touch up with your dark brown or combine it with light brown eye shadow using the same small brush.

To make an easy black double eyeliner, first you could draw it with brown liner pencil / brow pencil as a guideline, and then cover it with liquid liner.

Don't forget to prepare cotton bud! and don't be afraid to make a mistake..you could just wipe it up with cotton bud! :D  

Let's enjoy and have fun trying this makeup :)


  1. I lllove twiggy! You look Gorgeous in this video! ^^

    1. yess I can tell since your outfit & makeup always have 60's touch hahaha and thank you darling! :D