REVIEW ❤ Make Up Store Eye Foam Remover

I rarely found review about this brand especially in my country. So I'm gonna give you a little review about their eye foam remover, which I've been used for this two months.

it contain 150ml with plastic made packaging and pump for the application. Actually it has a transparent cover for the pump which make it more hygiene, but mine already broken because I'm so clumsy :(. I like the packaging because it suits me who always drop things when I'm in hurry..it keep the product save from spilling and if you want to put it on your travel bag, without the transparent cover like mine, don't worry the pump won't be accidently press, because you need a precise pressure on the handle to pump out the product :) The turquoise liquid looks watery, but when you pump out, it become bubble and no need to shake before using it.

It says :
 - Skincare System- ( they do have several skincare products, although their main products is cosmetic )
An oil-free, non fragranced foam remover adjusted for the sensitive skin around the eye area. Instantly remove your eye make up. Formula enriched with Aloe Vera extract for extra care and moisture. Apply the remover around the eyes and gently remove the remover and make up with a cotton pad or Make Up Stores Facial Towel. Suitable for all skin types.

In this picture I apply non-waterproof black pencil liner ( left ) and waterproof black ( right ) let's see how the remover works!

I try two ways to know how this remover works. First way, after apply the foam, I remove it with my cotton pad. Second way, after apply the foam, I wait around 5-10 seconds, and then remove it. and this is the different.

In first way, the non waterproof liner still left a mark, but not as much as the waterproof liner.

In the second ways, the non waterproof liner is gone with single wipe, and the waterproof liner also gone but left me with redness because I need to wipe it 2 times.

After used it for two months this is my conclusion, the remover yes indeed an oil free and non fragranced, so it feels light and suit for my oily eye lid. And it didn't irritate my eyes like some other eye remover. I love when the bubble touch my eyelid, it feel kinda like puffy.

But, what I didn't like is the sticky feeling when I remove the remover with a cotton pad. It makes my cotton pad unsteady. And the product claim "instantly remove your eye make up", the true is it didn't quite instant. I need to re-apply the products 3-5 times to clean a heavy or waterproof eye make up. So I think, this product just suit for daily light make up.

Will I repurchased? nope :) because what I need is a remover which can clean both light and heavy make up without taking so long :)
But still I think this is a good product for a sensitive skin, because people with this type skin intend to wear a light make up and need a remover with light formula :)

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