REVIEW ❤ Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

I'm so in love with MUFE products and this time I'm gonna review their primer :)
MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer came with one transparent and six different colours correcting. Each colour have their own function to correct skin imperfection.
Transparent - works with all type skin
Purple - to deal with dull skin
Green - to cover redness
Pink - to brighten the skin
Blue - add radiance to fair skin, cool undertone
Yellow - lightens dark skin
Brown - counteracts ashiness in dark skin

Use primer, after the moisturizer and before the foundation. It acts as a barrier, so foundation won't make a direct contact to your skin, or got blend with your moisturizer and disturb the process to protect your skin. beside that, your foundation will blend easily and it will hold your makeup last longer.

For my yellow fair skin, I should've pick transparent or purple, but instead I pick the yellow primer because I want to look more natural ( my misunderstood when purchase this product :p ). As you realize the product said yellow is to lightens dark skin, but lucky me it didn't give me any weird colour..it works same like the transparent..maybe because my skin have warm undertone so it blend well with the yellow primer :)

The texture is so light, not sticky, a little bit watery. it has a soft fragrance but not like a strong parfume, so it didn't bother me. As you apply on your skin, it blend to your colour, feel like it absorb to your skin..but its not, because the way a primer works, its not absorb inside but it stay on your skin surface.

For my combination oily skin, it feel so comfortable. It make my makeup stay matte and fresh all day about 8 hours, fantastic!  the fun part is, it didn't make my skin break out huray! :D


  1. Jadinya rada glowing gt ya, haduuu masuk ke wishlist ini sepertinya x__x

    1. ga bikin glowing dear tapi bikin makeup mu jadi tahan lama, dan foundation jadi gampang rata :D klo mau hasil glowing, bisa dipemilihan foundationnya atau pas finishing ditambahin bronzer / highlighter :)