Quick Escape Bali

I feel so refresh! yess I've just got back from my short weekend trip, visiting my friend in Bali! This is not my first time, but the last time was like 2 years ago..so I feel super excited :D Bali always be my favorite island, lot of new places just pop out in this couple of years..Hotel, spa, bar, cafe, and beach club :) so..here we go..my 3 days trip :D
My flight has been rescheduled. So instead of in the afternoon, I arrived Bali in the evening..with hungry stomach my friend took me to a nice place called "Ultimo" It was an Italian resto on Jalan Seminyak.Lot of western tourist in there..and I have to be in the 15 minutes waiting line to get a table. The food & drink price was not too expensive for italian food around 20.000 - 200.000 IDR. First the waiter served us with a nice french bread & butter, and then I ordered my Aglio O Lio Spaghetti and Melon Juice. In a minutes my stomach was so full! loved the taste! it was a big size plate for me :D ( sorry for the blur picture..it was taken from my friend mobile )

Across the street, there was a cute tiny cafe called "Divine Wonderland" the place adopted alice wonderland theme. In front of it, there was a white tiny vintage gate welcoming us..its like a small garden interior on the front..and when we get inside, its all red :D  the interior are more bold with red wallpaper and all the vintage item. And the cutest thing was this giant red vintage chair! I felt so tiny sitting on it..they just have 1 table with this size of chair..so we sit there and took a lot of picture :D if you like something cute unique vintage stuff, you should go there..well I don't know about the food, but the drink was just avarage for me..but still this a fun place for hang out!

The next day, I went to "Cozy Foot Reflexology" and I just loved the way they massage my body. I chose a foot, hand, and back massage, and after that we can chose what aromatherapy and what kind of music we like..it so niceeee wasn't it? The massage guy took me to the room full of white massage chair. Each chair occupied with an Ipod Touch ( to play our music :D ), aromatherapy candle, and some towel. The duration was 1.5 hours..and I just fell a sleep in an instant haha..the massage was so great! I never felt so relax like that before! :D For other package, the massage guy will massage your head with an oil base on your hair type..after that the guy will wash your hair, so you don' need to worry about bad hair day..but that morning I already wash my hair and style it beautifully haha..so I didn't take that package :) too bad they have a rule to not take any picture in the room, so I can share any picture..maybe you should go there and try the massage by yourself?

With an empty stomach, we go to "Ryoshi" a japanese restaurant. Ordered a bunch of Salmon Sushi, crab Salmon sushi and Fried Tonkutsu with rice.

 And we still not finish yet..After that we go to Warung Nuri's, which I already know from their branch in Jakarta..but still they have different pork ribs in Bali..and its Delicious! and guess what? we continued to a beach Club name "Potato Head" drink a couple of cocktail and watch a really beautiful sunset! it was all orange, pink, and purple like all colour blend into one..ohh my..I could only said God is Great! What an awesome creation!..even though this was my short escape..still this is my best holiday! :D

What your favorite drink? :)

Ceiling in Potato Head..I called it Floating Window :p

Cheers! :D

Finally The beautiful sunset!

Oh btw, because the hot tropic weather in Bali, I only wear just a little makeup..concealer under my eyes, face powder, and lipgloss..done! I don't want my face feel greasy and I think it's bad for the skin if you put a lot of makeup in that kind of weather..makes your skin hard to breath :)

and for you who in the middle of short weekend get away..have funnnn! :D

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