Ethnic Lady Sketch

It's been a while since my last sketch. This time I drew a lady face wearing some kind of head piece with an ethnic pattern. Her face kinda scary wasn't it? maybe my mood a little bit scary when I drew it :p
 I like her strong face :D her strong jawline and big straight eyes described how brave and independent she is and not forget her wavy hair which is made her looks elegant, wasn't it? what do you think? :)

I drew it manually on my sketch book and took a picture using my digital camera. I have to adjust the pencil colour so it won't look fade away.. and this is the other version with other colour, not much editing just the colour and the brightness :) hope you enjoy it!


  1. bagusss lohhh liaaa....seremnyaa kerasa dri gmbrnya..dapet... <3

  2. hahaha..thank you dear ^^ ada yang ngerti maksud gambarku juga asik asikkk! :D