REVIEW ❤ Bobbi Brown Starlight Night Collection

Finally my Bobbi Brown mini palette has arrived! I bought it from Nona Lenongholic  an Indonesian online beauty shop for only $60! same price with the Nordstrom ( by the way this palette is a nordstrom exclusive ). its a cheap price for an indonesian online shop since others would probably sold it much more because this product didn't available in Jakarta and the shipping would cost a lot.

Anyway I loved the packaging..it came with silver box and the size is about my palm hand.


When you open the palette, you could see 4 colours lip gloss, mini Lipstick brush, & mini eye shadow brush.

I opened again and wow..6 natural eyeshadow colours..can't wait to try this!

This Palette includes 4 colours lip gloss : 1. Rum Lip gloss  2. Naked Lip gloss  3. Pink Beige Lip gloss  4. Blush Pink Glitter Lip gloss.

I've try the Rum lip gloss..and it didn't get dry a little bit even I already drank. It just stay there all day long..keep my lips moist. And I didn't smell any funny parfume when I wore it..definitely loved it!

and for the eyeshadow, it came with : 1. Navajo Eye shadow  2. Petal Shimmer Wash Eye shadow  3. Pink Granite Sparkle Eye shadow  4. Brushed Granite Eye shadow  5. Eggplant Shimmer Wash Eye shadow  6. Black Charcoal Eye shadow.

( without flash )

( with flash )

I've try the eye shadow with or without eye primer, but it didn't make any different :( maybe the camera or I should try it on my eyes instead :p ..the colour all natural tone and soft..suitable for daily makeup..definitely I'll make tutorial with this product soon!

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