Gold Red Tutorial

Merry Christmas everybody! :D it's been a wonderful eve I ever had with my family, and also made me forgot to write a simple post in here :p my bad..
A few days after christmas, I've got sick..a bad flu, I can't stop sneezing all the time during my holiday :(
But it didn't stop me to make this quick simple tutorial :) you can try it for your New Year eve party..let's take a look!

First I already put a primer, liquid foundation, a soft highlight on my below eyes & nose, and translucent powder for my lately dry skin.

Put eyeshadow base and then apply a gold eyeshadow on your lids, remember always make the half circle shape for the first step. 

I choose brown to apply it above the lids. put in on the edge of the gold eyeshadow ( on the socket line ) and make a shape like the picture.

Blend the brown upward, and be careful not to lose the gold colour. Keep the gold, half circle shape safe and clean.

Add a little highlight on your brow bone. In the picture, I use white shimmer. You could also try a matte type eyeshadow or other colour like champagne.

To make a depth on your eyes especially for small asian eyes, you could apply a black eyeshadow on the corner eyes and blend it with the brown eyeshadow, it create a bigger & deep eyes illusion . And always remember not to lose the brown and stil keep the gold safe & clean.

Complete your eyes with liquid / gel / pencil eyeliner on the upper side and half shape eyeliner on the below. For the below eyes, you could use brown eyeshadow instead black eyeliner if you prefer a natural look. And apply a brow mascara on your brow, shape it with a brown pencil for a natural look.

Don't forget to add some red lisptick, a soft shading below your cheek bone, and also a fake lashes if you needed. Now you ready for a party!

Products I used for this look :
Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing
(mix) MUFE HD Foundation #3 + PAC creamy foundation #2
PAC Face colouring powder
UD primer potion
MUFE star powder yellow gold
PAC brown + white eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown Black gel eyeliner
Maybelinne Unstoppable black Mascara 
Revlon photo ready pencil liner
MAC brow mascara
Body shop brow kit
PAC lips pencil
MUFE lipstick Moulin Rouge
PAC tranparent lipgloss


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