Iwan ❤ Gita

Long time no see :) Sorry for a long pause not to post anything in my blog..I've been through a busy schedule for engagement photoshoot every weeks in a row. Not just the makeup, together with the photographer & stylist, we arranged a simple & cute concept for the couple.

Let's meet Iwan and Gita. I called them 'Koboi' couple. You'll be amazed how tight their wedding schedule. Two weeks after the engagement photoshoot, they'll get married! Imagine if it's me, I'll be in shock! super panic attack! What if the photoshoot didn't go well, or the result screwed up? for a normal couple, an engagement photoshoot should be done 3 months before The Big Day. Well..I guess they just an easy-going couple, who think everything will going fine..just let it flow..but seriously 2 weeks guys??

Congratz for both of you..enjoy the ride and always be the fun couple :)
 And this is the make over of Ms. Gita. She is a cheerful and friendly girl..never put a heavy makeup in her daily routine. So, this is what I did to her..a modern light makeup..with focus on her big round eyes..not too much fake lashes, which would make her makeup look heavy..so, I hope you enjoy the look :)

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