Colour makeup Tutorial

Since I've got a lot of free time during my bed rest  after a non stop working hours..I decided to give it a try on making one simple tutorial :) This tutorial is about mix up some colourful eyeshadow and create a colour makeup so let's take a look :)

First of all I already prime up my face, put my skin tone foundation, and powder. Make sure you do it correctly ( hmm..maybe next time I'll make a simple tutorial about it ) to create a flawless look.

since I'll use some bright coIour eyeshadow, I used a jumbo white pencil from NYX as an eyeshadow base. You could use white creamy eyeshadow as well. It's ok if you apply it messily since we're going to blend it up a little bit on the edge.

next, put a bright gold eyeshadow on your inner corner eyes. You can also apply it on your below inner corner eyes if you want to.

move on to the outer corner of your eyes, lets put some fresh pink on it. Don't forget to blend between the gold and pink colour, also blend it up on the edge..do it wisely..if you blend it too far away, you'll lose both colour and your eyes will turn messy :p After that add some highlight on the brow bone to pop up your eyes shape. You could use white or champaign colour as a highlight .

for the socket eyes, I used blue colour and blend it carefully so it didn't get mix up too much..remember you still want to see the other colour :)
To create a dimension colour..so your eyes looked more deep..let's put a little black colour on the V line..blend with the blue and pink slowly....and finally we got the colourfull eyes look!

for final touch..don't forget to put some eyeliner..pink lipstick and a little bit shading below the cheek bone :) you could use pink blush on to complete this look..another colour combine would be fun..just try it.. enjoy! :)

Products I used for this look :
Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing
MUFE HD Foundation #3
MUFE duo mat powder
NYX Jumbo pencil
Sari Ayu 25th anniversary Eyeshadow Palette
Bobby brown black gel eyeliner
Clinique pink blush on
PAC pink nude lipstick + lipgloss

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