and..finally they met ❤

I've been doing a lot makeup for engagement photoshoot recently..so don't get boring with my posting ok :) let's meet up with Jeffrey & Imelda :D

They are great couple..always joke around, didn't complain even they had to walk far away from one location to others. It made the photoshoot more fun and easier..thank's to Précieux Photo who did a great job and nice weather, so we could make it through even after the last shoot finished, suddenly heavy rain hit us! fiuhh.. :D

For the concept photo shoot and other captures..you can visit Précieux Photo website. And for the makeup..this is the before after Ms. Imelda. Sorry.. I forgot to take the front face..and my friend only took the side part when I was doing her eyebrow :p

As you can see I did two looks for her. First with a natural girly look, matte texture combine with pink colour. And second, with a modern glowing bride look, dewy skin and warm touch. Here is the good things..she already have a pretty face structure, so I don't need to do much correction for her makeup..only a little bit cover for redness in her nose and some bumps.

And this is some result for the photoshoot ❤

Congrats for both of you! :D

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