Yellow Cotton Candy

 This is one of my favourite photoshoot when I was in Fashion & Photographic Makeup class in Puspita Martha. The idea is to make a fashion look base on " Cotton Candy" and thank's to the stylist, after a long discussion we twisted up a little bit, so it didn't look like a cute, sweet candy girl, which people might think when they see the original cotton candy.

So we create a cotton candy look with quirky style. To express the fluffy feeling when you eat cotton candy, I pick an afro hair style and a soft yet pigmented colour for the makeup.

For the look, I used a foundation with a little bit lighter shade from the original skin tone. Covered it up to the whole face and lips...apply some powder with lighter shade..and that's it you already got a pale look makeup.


Products I used for this look :
MUFE Foundation #2
Marcks powder ( white )
Etude Orgel light eye primer
PAC eyeshadow ( yellow+orange )
Revlon Photo Ready eyeliner pencil
Viva brown Eyebrow pencil
Marcks powder white ( lips )

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