Audrey Hepburn

Inspired by the classic beauty of Audrey hepburn, I tried to create a makeup for black and white shoot.
As you see, the makeup was a 60's style..with a double eyeliner, thick eyebrow and thick lips. 

So, take a look what I create base on Audrey's style :)

Black & white shoot is a tricky one. You should do your make up carefully, flawless, no strong blocking look like shading! blending, blending, and blending! the lighting in black & white shoot could be so contrast..and you should think what colour you will use, because in black & white all colour just turn into light grey, dark grey, or black. If you a newbie and still confuse about the colour transform, the easy way is used only brown and black colour. Don't use blush on cheek bone, it will make the cheek looks grey like being hit or something :p instead use it below cheek bone ( can be use as a shading ), so the cheek will look natural on camera.

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