7 Deadly Sins ENVY

Maybe everyone ever, or always have this kind of feeling.. what if a mistress of Keraton feel so envy to the Queen? check this out..

For the makeup, I focused on the eyes because nothing can't beat the expression of eyes when you looking to someone enviously :p I used purple eyeshadow to make a mysterious feeling and a bit of gold and brown to enhance the model's skin tone.

For the hair, I decided to make an updo style to keep the elegant look.  A little mix up with modern tiny bun, which look like a donout :p and traditional hair accessories "Kembang Goyang".

Makeup Products I used for this look :
 Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing
MUFE Liquid Lift Foundation #3
PAC creamy Foudation
PAC Face Colouring Powder
Etude Orgel Light Primer
Sariayu Palette Eyeshadow ( Purple + Gold )
Revlon Photo Ready Pencil Liner
Shiseido Gel Eyeliner
MAC Lipstick 
PAC Transparent Lipgloss

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